UPDATED – November 20/18 – Questions for M2M (Newtonbrook Plaza Re-Development)

November 20, 2018

We are growing the list of questions our community has about the re-development of the old plaza.  We will continue to post them here and please keep your questions coming.

Please note the questions are in no specific order:


  1. What will be the safe path to walk to Yonge Street?
  2. How long will Food Basics stay?
  3. How long until we will see a new grocery store?
  4. What is the general timetable for things to happen?
  5. When is the new road that will run on the south and on the east side of the development be built?
  6. Will construction traffic occur on Averill Crescent?
  7. Are the houses at 46 and 47 Averill Crescent still zoned residential.
  8. How much asbestos is in the current Newtonbrook Plaza stores and tower. What is the process to keep it out of the local atmosphere?
  9. How is lead based paint dust minimized and how is its presence monitored?
  10. There is a ground level hydro transformer at the south end of the plaza property. Will it be moved?  Does it contain PCB’s?
  11. Will the excavation of the site have an effect on the local water table?
  12. Will the site have 24/7 security protection?
  13. Where will  trucks be entering and leaving the site?
  14. Will this be monitored by safety persons?
  15. What effect, if any, will there be to the north traffic lanes i.e. any permanent closures?
  16. As construction proceeds, how will clean up of the access points be handled?  i.e. mud on the roads, ice, etc.
  17. Could you please help to ask the developer when will grocery store re-open again?  Will the first phrase include commercial and retail stores?  If so, would there be space or in their plan to invite grocery store to operate as soon as they finished the first phrase?
  18. How could they ensure there is no trespassers if they take away the fence in front of our building (5795 Yonge Street) next year?
  19. Is there any re-route to the entrance of our building (5795 Yonge Street) during and after development?
  20. What measure(s) / rule(s) will the developer take to minimize the noise and disturbances to the residents of 5791, 5793, 5795 Yonge and the community in general?
  21. What is the “traffic management” plan and how may we get a copy?
  22. What steps will be taken to minimize dust and dirt during construction?
  23. While it is assumed demolition and construction will be Monday – Friday, can you confirm there will be no weekend work?
  24. What are the hours demolition and construction will be permitted?

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