December 1, 2018 

This is from a neighbouring part of the city and worth sharing in the Silverview Community as it is not restricted to any single part of the city.


To the 53 Division Community,




53 Division is now investigating its second response to a call for a teen assaulting a parent ! The reason, the parent took away their smart phone or tablet!


Therapists say it’s because of the addiction to Social Media which allegedly can be stronger than a drug addiction to some ! The chemical reaction youth get from the use of Social Media is so strong, to take it away from them in today’s society can be dangerous!


Sites like Facebook, Instagram & Snapchat, are a MUST for youth, to not be on them is totally unacceptable in their world.


When asked the reason for assaulting his parent, one of the teens said “my parents are NOT to touch my phone & they won’t get hurt”.


The effects of Social Media are being documented around the world, the chemical addiction of being “LIKED” or “FOLLOWED” is stronger than ever anticipated, causing calls to 9-1-1 to be necessary for everyday families!


We as the Police , recommend, monitoring your child’s use of Social Media, limit the time online to prevent addiction, if you notice a problem, get help through counselling for your child, before a call to Police is necessary!


Watch this video!


If you have questions about the use of Social Media, please email Community Officer, Constable Timothy Somers,



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