Modular Supportive Housing at 175 Cummer Avenue Community Engagement Meeting August 12, 21

10 August 2021

On Monday, August 9, 2021 at 4:49 pm, the SCA received an Email from the office of our City Councillor.  It is regarding a Community Engagement Meeting about the proposed Modular Supportive Housing at 175 Cummer Avenue.

Details about this meeting are available if you click here.

The SCA has already heard from concerned Community Members about the "tone" of the Councillor's Email and the very short notice that we we have received.  We urge you to register for this Meeting and to make your voice heard.
The Email received from the Councillor follows:
"Hi Folks,
I am sending you this email to update you on the supportive housing file at 175 Cummer because you have expressed support for the project, which may now be in some jeopardy.
Earlier this year, City Council asked the Minister of Municipal Affairs to issue an MZO (Ministerial Zoning Order) to fast track planning approval for four supportive housing projects, one of which is 175 Cummer. I am not normally a fan of MZOs but supported it in this instance because, otherwise, any objection to the project, regardless of merit, could delay it for a year or two, thereby jeopardizing federal funding. Amid the very loud opposition to the project, I listened carefully for valid concerns which might have altered my views on this. I did not hear any - just a lot of extreme distortion of facts.
Last week, the Minister issued an MZO for the other three Toronto sites but postponed a decision on 175 Cummer and asked for more community consultation. This would appear to be in response to a letter from Willowdale MPP Stan Cho claiming that there had not been adequate community consultation.
New Consultation Meeting This Week
As a result, the City is holding yet another formal consultation meeting this week.
Date: Thursday, August 12, 2021
Time: 6:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.
This is in addition to the two previous ones, deputations at Planning Committee, and several informal meetings I have held.
These meetings tend to be dominated by a relatively small group and some others who have been stirred up, mostly by deliberate misinformation. Some of your more thoughtful voices were present at the first City consultation meeting but have tended to be quieter since. Unfortunately, this creates the risk that those who yell the loudest create the (false, I believe) impression that the Willowdale community is opposed to this project.
That's why I'm letting you know about this meeting, in case you wish to take part and, hopefully, to speak. I am myself unable to attend - not necessarily a bad thing since my tolerance for the group spreading misinformation has been exhausted.
I'd like to add that, as a politician, it disturbs me greatly that our current MPP has pandered to a small group of voters and that a Conservative federal candidate is using this as a wedge issue. I take no issue with those whose viewpoint is sincerely different from mine but do think that those who choose to be willfully ignorant should have political consequences for that. As we approach federal and provincial elections, you may be hearing further from me on that point, via my personal email rather than my City one.
Attached is the meeting notice including details on how to join the meeting. If you have any further questions please contact Catherine LeBlanc-Miller in my office at 416-395-0346 or

Best wishes,


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