Community is Challenging the Decision of the Future of 175 Cummer

20 September 2022

Regarding the proposed modular housing apartment building located at 175 Cummer, the Bayview Cummer Neighbourhood Association (BCNA) has created a Fundraising Committee to raise funds to cover legal costs involved in appealing to the Ontario Land Tribunal to challenge the City’s decision to place the Modular homes in front of 175 Cummer Avenue. The head of the Fund raising committee is Rob Sethi and he is a member of the BCNA working under their president Nathan Gomes. The BCNA has already provided a substantial donation to the fund to get them started.

It would seem to make sense that if anyone wanted to donate that it would be because they feel affected and that may be mainly because they live very close to 175 Cummer. Therefore, it is also likely true that it will take those people who live close by to come up with majority of the funding for this. If you are one of those people who don’t want to see this project come to fruition, if you have the passion and the drive to keep on fighting and would like to be involved in the Fundraising committee, please write to Rob at

Currently Rob is looking to form a working group that is willing to meet sometime in the next week or two and discuss the fundraising strategies. Every dollar collected will be designated 100% toward legal fees.

There will be no second opportunity to do this. If you feel passionate about fighting this do it now. If there is not enough support BCNA may remove their funding.

You may donate directly by sending an E-transfer to

All donations will be used in the legal challenge.  Fundraising efforts are all being done by volunteers.

If you have any questions, please Email

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